Steve Mc

Smokt trailers is a great place to buy a trailer. Brad and his crew handled several upgrades for me on the fly and had the trailer ready in 2 weeks. Buy here, I would again.

Nathan Myers

We had a trailer that was in pretty bad shape. I had spoken to a number of trailer repair shops in north Texas who seemed pretty uninterested in doing the work. Brad quoted me about a 1/3 the price of other shops. He was VERY responsive to my initial questions and, as it turned out, a REALLY good guy to boot. He added a custom built gate/ramp on the back, put new wood on the flooring of the trailer added new wiring for all the lights, and added on a new jack.

He fixed our trailer, ended up adding a number of things that needed to be done (at cost), and we made a new friend. Honestly, I don’t have any ties to Brad other than having met him for the first time a couple weeks ago from a Google search. He really is a craftsman that takes pride in his work, and is looking to do people right. In my mind, he really should be the only guy you go to for a new trailer or a re-build. If you want your trailer to last, and you want someone who is just a great guy that takes pride in his work, and is priced REALLY good, just go to Brad.

Lori Sinks

Professionalism, skill and honorable. I gave info for what I needed and Brad had options and advice for MY final decision. I was thouroughly impressed with his weld skill when I went to pay, based on a 4-kayak custom build, with hitch extension, he was working on. My trailer is perfect.

SURPRISE, my rusted frame dropped the passenger side tow bar bolts when I stood on the hitch, blessed not during a tow. Emailed Brad for help or referral and he set me up for next day. He welded both sides (next owner gets a tow kit) and may have saved me property damage and maybe my life. Fangirl?? Hellsyes! Thanks Brad!! I highly recommend Smok’t!

Jeffe Brekke

Outstanding trailer work and customer service. I had two trailers that I needed some work done on, and they got me taken care of. He knew exactly what I needed and had everything ready to go. Really good welds at an honest price by someone who knows trailers.

Couldn’t ask for anything better. I recently moved to Denton county and I’m glad to know we have good honest businesses like this nearby.

Randy Moriak

When I told Brad I was replacing a stolen trailer he recommended building it with a removable coupler and safety chains. He also painted it orange to make it harder to hide in a sea of black utility trailers. The trailer he built has all the custom features I wanted and was built far stronger than any trailer I had seen.

I bought a better trailer for less than a dealers stock model. Hard to beat a deal where you get a custom built unit of better quality at a more affordable price.

Kendra Oswald

Brad and his crew were amazing, very easy process and quick turnaround – bought our first trailer from them for our RZR in which Brad helped us determine what we needed for this haul. Overall, great guys to work with and would highly recommend.

Texas Brand

Brad is terrific!!! Although you know he’s busy, he will call you back or respond to a msg. Solid well built custom trailers with just what’s needed at a fair price. I’ll have him build a Track loader attachment and smoker for me soon.

Carlos Garcia

Great purchase, Brad did an awesome job getting me hooked up to the right custom trailer ,perfect size for 2 full size 4wheelers 5×12 hammer head 72″. Brad was very professional true to his word and work.

Trent Steed

Great experience! Brad and his crew over-delivered on my trailer and displayed great customer service as well. I bought a trailer from Smok’t and quickly realized it was bigger than what I wanted and it wouldn’t fit in my parking spot. Brad graciously allowed me to swap it out for a custom built trailer that is perfect.

The custom trailer is well built and exactly what I need. In addition to this, feel like I got a lot of value for my purchase while cutting out a dealer and working directly with a manufacturer. When I pull my new trailer and see other’s trailers on the road, I can’t help but think how much more I like mine compared to what else I see on the road. I highly recommend.

Tim Stewart

Brad and his crew build a solid trailer. Quick and easy to do business with. Love the ramp extension to add an additional four feet to the length. I’m able to haul all my toys and park it in the garage. Thanks for the great trailer.

Rob Searing

We ordered a custom Trailer frame/base from Smok’t to build a 14 foot toy hauler that would sleep 5 (2 adults + 3 kids) and specifically designed for hauling kayaks. They delivered on price and features for the frame with good welds throughout.

They actually over delivered initially by building the trailer frame taller than needed (for any other use we would have loved the change) – Brad was very responsive to correcting it to match our specifications and we are happy with the price and service provided.